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Embed Mixed vegetable salad

If you enjoy beets, sauerkraut, carrots, onions, peas, potatoes and gherkins, then you'll love it! It's tasty, crunchy and healthy!

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Hot for words

She once had a classroom of 20 in a regular Russian school, and now hundreds of thousands are ready to learn from her passionate classes online.

Learning Russian with such a charming teacher on RT is one more opportunity to enjoy linguistics and finally find out what Russians mean when they say “Preeved!”.

Marina Orlova, known as The Sexiest Philologist in the World, is a Moscow native. She has two degrees in philology — that is the study of languages and origins of words. Back in Russia, Marina “HotForWords” taught English and world literature to high school kids.

She came to the US to improve her English skills and research for her Ph.D., but ended up staying in the States simply because the weather is warmer there.